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Handmade Vase

Handmade Vase

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This handmade mouth-blown elegant glass vase is the perfect choice for those looking to create a luxurious atmosphere. Our variety of glass vases offer a stylish complement to our Caviar Candles' granules, creating a special ambience for events or special occasions. Fill this glass vase up to 2/3 of Caviar Candles' granules (recommended).

How it Works

  1. Choose A Suitable Vase - Select an appropriate vase that measures at least 4 inches in diameter. Ensure that it is made of either glass or a non-flammable material
  2. Fill Vase With Granules - Fill the vase with granules, filling it up to two-thirds of its height. Make sure that the granules reach a minimum height of two inches
  3. Insert Wick Into The Center Of The Vase - Insert the wick into the center ensuring that there is 1/2" of wick sticking out from the top of the granules
  4. Light The Wick And Enjoy Your Candle - Always supervise your candles while lit. See our FAQ and safety instructions page for more details.


Keep Out Of Reach Of Children (and adults who act like them) and Pets - Never leave burning candle unattended, on or near flammable items. Do not move candle while burning or when it is hot. Our candle will self-extinguish on tipping (please do not test that, we have done that for you).

The granules look so cool and yummy; however, do not consume or use granules in any other way than instructed. MOST IMPORTANTLY, enjoy our super candles, because “CAVIAR” stands for luxury, lavish, affluence and opulence! YES, we are all that and more!

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How It Works

  • 100% Plant Based

    Safe, vegan, petroleum-free, no residue or toxic fumes

  • Home Decor

    Stunning candles delivered to your home in any size, any quantity.

  • Candle Rental

    Rent candles for your event. We will do all the work.

  • Monthly Subscription

    Granules and wicks delivered monthly – never run out of candlelight!

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