1. Choose a suitable vase

Select an appropriate vase that measures at least 4 inches in diameter. Ensure that it is made of either glass or a non-flammable material.

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2. Fill vase with Granules

Fill the vase with granules, filling it up to two-thirds of its height. Make sure that the granules reach a minimum height of two inches.

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3. Insert wick into the center of the vase

Insert the wick into the center ensuring that there is 1/2" of wick sticking out from the top of the granules.

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4. Light the wick and enjoy your candle

Always supervise your candles while lit. See our FAQ and safety instructions below for more details. Buy each item separately or purchase the whole kit.

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We love to hear and answer all your questions! Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to send us a message!

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Are they scented?

Caviar Candles are designed to be unscented, giving you the flexibility to personalize your fragrance experience. We recommend adding a few drops of your preferred essential oil or candle fragrance oil near the wick BEFORE lighting the candle. However, please exercise caution and safety, as oils are highly flammable and should never be introduced to a burning candle. Experiment with different oils carefully, as their performance may vary. It's important to note that any modifications of scents, are the sole responsibility of the user.

Is it safe?

Yes! The candle will self-extinguish upon tipping, unlike other candles on the market. We highly recommend the to fill-up your desired vase/container upto 2/3 of the height so as not to have the flame above the vase.

Is this a real flame?

Yes! The flame is bright, pure and high, does not give residue or smoke, and does not leave wax stains on linens and furniture.

How long does it last?

Our incredibly high pure flames burn for hours. Our premium wicks will last 12hrs-14hrs, allowing you to change your wick after use and enjoy your candle for multiple hours.